Dumpster Pad Cleaning Service in Georgia

Dumpster pad cleaning is very important and if overlooked can cause environmental and health issues. Regular pressure washing of your dumpster pad in Georgia is highly recommended to prevent issues such as rodent / insect infestations, bacteria growth, foul odors and slip and fall accidents that can be caused from grease and other slippery substances commonly found in dumpster pad areas. Our pressure washing service includes degreasing, deodorizing and sanitizing your dumpster pad, exterior dumpster container and dumpster pad walls. Call: Dorsey Enterprise Janitorial Service today to eliminate and prevent hazards around your dumpster pad in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

At Dorsey Enterprise Janitorial Service, we hate dirt, grime, sludge, and odors. We love doing the dirty jobs, and making it free of those odors, bugs, slipperiness, and general nastiness. We love making sure that you’re left with a clean dumpster area. In fact, we base our business around the idea of character – doing the right thing even when nobody’s looking.

The compactor area, dumpster area, trash area, garbage area – no matter what you call it, we’ll get it cleaned. We want your establishment to look its best.  At Dorsey Enterprise Janitorial Service, we help you make those dynamite first impressions.


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